Maximize your company's financial potential with Kiplan, the cutting-edge FP&A platform driven by Artificial Intelligence.

Automate financial processes and free up your operational and executive teams to focus on what truly matters: growing your business.

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How Kiplan's work?

With Kiplan´s technology, we automate your company´s financial processes, ensuring maximum accuracy in managing your financial projections and KPI´s.

We use generative artificial intelligence, and Intuitive Modelling as the base tools to achieve our goal.

Financial Closing


Kiplan automates the financial closing, ensuring the most accurate identification of the records made by your banking entity related to your clients' transactions.

Analitycs Reporting


Kiplan is the native viewer of the company's financial indicators.Visualize your own levels of leverage, margins, turnover, break-even point, and more to ensure your company sustainability.

Finance Planning


Kiplan automates the creation of actual and budgeted cash flow scenarios, based on historical analysis of your data. Ensure the maximum precision in your company's financial management.

Finance Modeling


We make Kiplan available as the base platform for the construction of financial management models. You can adjust the platform to fulfill the reporting needs of the different areas of your company.



Risk and Fraud mitigation associated with erroneous, late or non execution.


Reduction of errors and elimination of repetitive tasks.


Increase the odds of scaling company operations based on automation.

Deploy Quickly

Effortless start-up. Easily integrate the data sources included in your plan, leaving Kiplan to reconcile and project your data.

Immediate Display

Connect and visualize relevant information on dashboards ready for management. Now your financial indicators are just a few clicks away.

Remove Errors

Calculating the most relevant financial indicators is automated. More time to take smart decisions. Less manual work.

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Use Cases

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A leading latam ecommerce, uses Kiplan to automate the cashflow projections of its different product lines.

Automating the cashflow generation , this company complements its accounting reports through time reduction when preparing projections.


A higher education institution is reducing the execution time of its financial planning.

With immediate projections, they went from making delayed investment decisions to quick decisions supported by data and the institution's financial objectives.

Media Agency

A Media Agency uses Kiplan to automate their cash flow projection.

By automating the reconciliation of their accounts and budgeting, they now view their cash position for all of their providers and clientes, spending a half of time they previously spent calculating it.


One of the leading companies in the Colombian health sector is optimizing its financial planning by automating the budgeting process.

The integration of multiple data sources with different financial analysis technologies became one of the challenges solved by Kiplan.


A leading wellness company in its niche, it provides its clients with the ability to automate their transaction reconciliation processes.

Through a financial training program, each b2b client accesses financial planning technology without the costs of individual access.

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