KIPLAN stands for Key-Plan in English, and originates from the word for air (KI) or breath in its oriental roots.
We were born from the desire to automate financial journey from a routine activity in our existence: handling numbers.
If you are a client, user, colleague or simply a fan of Kiplan, you probably have a high sense of humanity, attracted by a greater cause, whose purpose is to make a better society.

Powerful in knowledge, but with the compassion of a teacher who promotes creating a more humane society, Kiplan pursues as one of his transcendent intentions, to transform the world of finance. Our world.


Founded in 2022, Kiplan is led by a team of engineers with more than 25 years of successful implementation of solutions in business intelligence, automation and financial planning.

Facing the market demand for a solution that would automate the financial planning in different scenarios, they created Kiplan, the platform focused on automating the processes included in the company's financial journey.

Kiplan is considered as the technological solution for financial and treasury areas, which increases the probability of achieving financial sustainability through the automated management of its own data.

Whom is Kiplan built for?

Kiplan is the perfect solution for companies looking to enhance their financial reports with full automation. This is essential for any company who wants to survive in the artificial intelligence era.

Kiplan technology offers a comprehensive view of a company's financial and operational activities. This is achieved through user-friendly dashboards that enhance the accuracy of decision-making.

The platform can provide continuous updates on the company's current level of debt, liquidity, and any short-term risks to its cash flow. This information helps determine if the company's financial health is enough.

How do we improve our clients financial planning accuracy?

With our own analytical engine with capabilities to make simple and complex formulations, we improve the accuracy of the projections modeled by the platform.

Knowing if the company's level of indebtedness is adequate, if the current liquidity is efficient, if the cash flow has short-term risks, are answers that KiPlan generates permanently.

Social Responsibility

At Kiplan, we are aware of the implications of the automation of human tasks by technologies such as ours and their potential impact on the labor market. Some studies suggest us that approximately 80% of the U.S. workforce could have at least 10% of their job tasks affected by the introduction of automation technologies, while about 1 in 5 workers could have at least 50% of their functions involved.

As a balance, we promote the use of advanced technologies and tools such as Kiplan, leading users to optimize their operational time and focus it on the analysis of the responses processed by the technology. We propose to generate value in areas of the company that were previously purely operational.