What is Kiplan?

Kiplan is the ultimate autonomous financial performance and analytics platform that automates the company's accounting and financial processes delivering customized reports.

Let's unlock the power of autonomous finance.

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How it works?

Kiplan extracts and gathers data from multiple sources.
Kiplan applies business rules to the chosen process.
Kiplan delivers customized dashboards using AI.

It has never been easier. . .

Without Kiplan

Manual financial projections usually in Excel.
Stand alone visualizations without customizable scenarios.
Rigidity to adjust the business's own financial models.

With Kiplan

Flexible modeling thanks to our own analytical engine
Customizable and interactive visualizations
Configurable business rules and adaptive machine learning capabilities
Automate NOW!

Kiplan´s Generative Artificial Intelligence, What for?

Create queries, models and visualizations based on natural language recognition.

Analyze data based on the information provided by users and the models created by them.

Process multiple source formats such as xls. files, SQLTables, API's, among others.

Kiplan goes beyond financial dashboards! That is possible with KA-C.

Kiplan has customized the language models of the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer*) family to develop KA-C (Kiplan's adaptive language Autonomous Coworker) that allows you to obtain high-precision, human-like language responses to specific queries about financial statements. All inside Kiplan.

*Models based on deep learning architectures.


Account CyberSecurity

To ensure the security of your data, we encrypt end-to-end all communications between our servers and your devices. We use SHA-256 and ECDSA type algorithms, some of the most secure algorithms available on the market. Our encryption software is based on OpenSSL, which is used by cryptocurrency wallets and is considered one of the most secure systems.

  • 100% encryption.
  • Multifactor Authentication.
  • RLS Row Level Security.


Designed and protected to prevent the most common vulnerabilities, such as SQL-injection. We are careful in the development of our code and use security best practices to ensure that our systems are resistant to external attacks.


To protect your data from access, we set limits in the cloud that prevent unauthorized access by malicious users. We make every effort to prevent reverse engineering of our codes and ensure that your data is always protected.

  • Independent access per user.
  • Access by hierarchy level.
  • Audit to the management by user.


The Kiplan cloud infrastructure is hosted on Azure, which is a state-of-the-art security platform from Microsoft. This means that our infrastructure benefits from the protection of one of the largest and most recognized companies in the field of IT security.